A project that protects the historical heritage and creates work


Cultural Impact


About 1 km from the modern town of Artena (Italy) there is the so-called Piano della Civita, a precious archaeological site where there are the remains of an ancient city whose name is still unknown today. The site occupies the top and the slopes of a hill , at the northern end of the Lepini Mountains.
The many years of excavations conducted by the Belgian archaeological mission and then Franco-American, have brought to light vestiges belonging to several phases of occupation, from the fourth century. BC. until the seventh century. AD.
This archaeological site is now abandoned, due to the lack of funds for its protection and restoration. Given the historical and cultural importance of these remains, we have therefore decided to do something and to take to heart this precious historical and cultural heritage, so he doesn’t get lost in years.
Through the association of which we are part (Onlus Artena Casa Mea) and thanks to a fundraiser that we are doing in our salon, we want to restore and secure the finds and activate a reception center for tourists. In this initiative we want to involve young people who attend our salon, with whom have a special relationship, to bring them closer not only to history and culture, but to give them a possibility of employment. They will be in fact tourists guides of the welcom center.
Be able to win the prize of 10’000€ would mean for us, not only concretely carry out the work of maintenance and restoration of the archaeological site, but also to guarantee a job to these young people.



Cesare Bianchi