MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE (FAI la scelta giusta)

To protect the places we love


Environmental Impact, Cultural Impact


We sustain the FAI foundation in conservation, protection and enhancement of the italian heritage.

FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) is a non-profit foundation born in 1975, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the historical, artistic and landscape heritage of Italy.

[ comfort zone ] supports FAI in the activities of protection and enhancement of the cultural and natural italian heritage, and together we have selected 15 historical sites to embrace and better represent the totality of the Italian territory.

Every salon and every final costumer will have the chance to vote their favourite FAI site, through an online votation, from September 16th to November 16th.

Only the most voted site will receive the donation. The income will be dedicated to maintenance and restoration works, to make the site accessible for the public.

“FAI la scelta giusta” will take place online and in every italian salon which will join the “Longevity campaign”.

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