Mirtillo Rosso Eco Resort

An Eco Hotel or a Green Hotel, is a place that respects the environment, which has brought important environmental improvements to its structure to minimize its impact on the natural environment.


Environmental Impact


A preserved place,such as the Natural Park of Alta Valsesia,deserves an hotel positioned in its landscape and that is respectful of its environment.
What are the ecological interventions of Mirtillo Rosso?Do you feel like discovering them together?Here is what you will discover in our “in-house trip” to know the secret of Mirtillo Rosso Eco Hotel!
Above all,the use of natural materials in minor and major aspects!
•The building of Mirtillo Rosso is realized using a green-building system.What does it mean? The whole external structure of Mirtillo Rosso is made of spruce and uses cork insulation!No reinforced concrete,no polystyrene insulation.
•We have decided to replace the single use plastic objects with biodegradable objects: straws,napkins,take away containers.
•We put free still and sparkly water fountains at the guests disposal,in order to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
•We are replacing all the cleaning products with biodegradable products.
•There are no single use products in the rooms, instead we replaced them with dispensers with quality guaranteed products[Comfort Zone]
Don’t waste resources!
•Mirtillo Rosso has reduced heat loss at its most,thanks to high performance and technology walls and window glass:automatic heating deactivates whenever the windows are open,we also have heat recovery units.
•We recover rainwater to fill the toilet bowls and to irrigate the garden.
Create energy with renewable sources!
•Our boiler,that heats up the whole building and the swimming pools,works with pellet,waste product that comes from woodworking.
•On our roofs,facing southwest,we have positioned 45sqm of solar panels for the production of electricity.
Being in harmony with the territory!
•The shape of Mirtillo Rosso’s building respects the traditional Walser architecture,the first inhabitants of Alta Valsesia:the big and pitched roofs,the pillars and the poles made of larch, the stone and the deep balconies.
•We like to share our activity with so many friends in our territory.Thanks to this spirit the excursions and activities were brought to life and support the Valley’s economy,from the purchase of local products to the visit to the farms, shelters and to the lesser-known towns.
Do you feel like helping us?
Here is what our guests can do:
Leave the towels you want us to change,on the floor.For the holiday, purchase one of our reusable water bottles or use only one plastic bottle: you can always refill it at the fountain in the restaurant!