Mondays at Racine

At a time when few were addressing the mental & emotional impact of being diagnosed with cancer, Mondays at Racine set out to attempt to offset the ravaging side effects of chemo & radiation by creating a safe haven for our clients emotional well being, as well as an important supportive resource center within our community.



Mondays at Racine’s primary mission is to reduce the physical, emotional and cosmetic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation by providing free in salon beauty and wellness services. Every Monday men and women undergoing treatment for cancer are offered head shaving, cosmetic services, wig styling, scalp treatments, nail care, skin care, massage, facials, yoga and meditation; all at no cost to the patient. By attending to the whole person and not just the disease, Mondays at Racine offers people suffering with cancer the opportunity to face the challenge of healing…beautifully!

As Mondays at Racine’s continues to grow, our vision is to change the face of cancer utilizing the skills of the beauty industry. By creating a national movement providing education and programs that work alongside conventional medical protocols, millions of people all over the country and world will be able to heal more effectively. To date we helped over 6000 people deal with the devastating side effects of cancer treatments!

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