Environmental Impact


We want to support the National Forest project for the restoration and maintenance of nature in vast areas of the English Midlands that for 25 years have been marked by mining and industrial activity, transforming the landscape from black to green. We believe that trees are the catalyst for transformation, not only of the landscape, but also of the economy and our communities.  By continuing to cultivate the forest, making it accessible to all and creating a forest culture of passionate people who can engage in it, the national forest can provide a lasting benefit for future generations.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Raise funds to plant 350 trees. Contribute to raising awareness of the National Forest’s objectives of having 9 million trees planted by 2021, currently short of 35,000 trees.

The National Forest reforestation area is located in the heart of England, embracing 200 square miles of the Midlands. It extends over parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire and aims to connect the two ancient forests of Charnwood and Needwood.

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