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Beauty is more than just something you put on, it’s something that you bring out. The People vs. Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico is one man’s journey to show the people that he loves, just how beautiful others can be.



Stylist, Roberto B. Eehevarria loves to help the people of Boston find their beauty, As a native of Manati, Puerto Rico he has found greater meaning. His mission has become one of finding the beauty in people, by connecting those who have to those who need.

On September 20, 2017, hurricane Maria made landfall. It devastated the land and people of Puerto Rico.
You can still see the scars on the land. The people however have shown incredible strength, courage and resilience.

The world has come together to support national relief efforts and so much progress has been made.
Most of the relief efforts concentrate on the highest populations centers, which is wonderful, but Roberto saw a need where others did not.

The smaller towns and villages in the more mountainous regions are often the last to receive aid. The people that Roberto knew and loved, the people that he grew up with were just as deserving and still in need. They needed food, clothing, supples and shelter but even more they needed hope.

Something had to be done.

So many saw the devastation and thought this was a job for relief agencies, NGOs and the government…Roberto saw the need and acted.

Roberto immediately started gathering people, donations and supplies with the promise that everything would be delivered directly to the people in the villages that needed it most. Thousands of pounds of clothing and supplies were collected in Boston, transported to Miami, airlifted to San Juan and driven to Manati. All was accomplished with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Roberto oversaw the entire process from the collection of donations and supplies to handing them out in his home town. Hope sprang anew. People responded with love and appreciation, sharing what they had, and what they received with those that needed it most.

The whole experience reinforced what Roberto had always known… there is good in people and together we can move mountains.

Roberto’s efforts have been recognized by The Hingham Journal and by Massachusetts State Senator Patrick O’Connor.

Going to Manati invigorated Roberto with the need to do more. It’s time to double down on the effort and see what can be done to repair the structures that people once called homes.

6 months on, and people are still living under tarps. If we are going to rebuild lives, its time to replace those tarps with roofs over head.

So please help us raise one roof at a time by giving your support and donating to the People of Puerto Rico via.


Thank you for your donations, support and love…. love is a beautiful thing!

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