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In 2018, in collaboration with the Artemisia and Kinodromo Associations, we decided to stard a rehabilitation project for 15 women prisoners in the women’s section of the Rocco D’Amato prison in Bologna.
Our goal was to transfer to these women the basic notions of haircut, color and hairstyle.
However, we found people who, before learning a profession, needed first of all to learn to love themselves, to value themselves, to take care of themselves and their bodies.
So we started a path together with them, different from what we had imagined, much more personal, much more intimate and deep.
Every Monday, for many months, we went to the prison and talked for a long time with these women, helping them to regain the desire to take care of themselves.
As time went by, Monday after Monday, we saw the change before our eyes, the girls instead of pyjamas were wearing pretty clothes, their hair was getting more and more cared for and some make-up started to appear on their faces, along with a smile.

Together with the photographer Federico Guerra, we decided to tell their stories through photography and to share them with the public of Bologna, our city.
Thanks to the strong will of Matteo Lepore, Councillor for Culture, and Roberto Grandi, President of Museums, the exhibition took shape for the first time at the Sala Borse in Bologna.
After the success of this first edition, the exhibition was then re-proposed in Naples at Palazzo Fondi.
Thanks to Cristina Donadio, Italian actress and godmother of the event, was born the idea of transforming the stories of these girls and the dialogues we had with them into a play . The proceeds from the tickets’ sale will be donated to the women’s prison in Naples.

The project was made possible thanks also to the important contribution of: Golinelli Foundation, CNA, Davines, Claudia Clementi, director of the Casa Circondariale Rocco D’Amato in Bologna and Dr. Giusella Finocchiaro of Fondazione del Monte.

Our desire is to take the history of these women to other cities, continuing to give them the opportunity to “get out” for a while, through photography and theatre, from the prison walls.


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