“Saving the planet is in your head”



Juan Corte Belleza Sustentable is a business concept with the philosophy of caring for the environment with the implementation of different practices that promote the prevention and control of pollution, which offer within the guild of beauty, real impact alternatives for preservation of natural resources and waste separation for re-use.

In addition, we lead projects as “Redverdece”: the network of beauty salons for mass hair recollection, containers and other items that will be channeled to function as recycled raw material in the creation of “eco-tecnias”; that will help when an ecological disaster happens such as oil spills, massive reforestation and curb pollution of groundwater, to mention a few examples.

We try to become a link for a large network and invite to the implementation of sustainable culture, to reach more colleagues creators and artisans; thus achieve an important place in the consciousness and education in the world of beauty, which will help in working conditions for the “eco-styling”, reducing its wake any industrial pollution and restoring the ecological balance step.

With targeted support, we will develop techniques for environmental improvement, and we wwant to achieve the infrastructure as 100% ecosustainable hair salon and repeat the project at larger scales, including sectors violated for social and artistic development, which nourish the consciousness of every human being by interacting with beauty.

“Saving the planet is in your head”

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