S.U.S. Sustainable. Unique. Social.

Shopper bags realized in reused plastics by students , about 11/12 years old.


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


The S.U.S. project (Sustainable. Unique. Social.) Was born from the idea of rise awareness, especially among the new generations, on the issue of plastic waste and the importance of reusing and recycling plastic, as well as reducing its consumption.

With this objective and with the strong collaboration of the professors and students
of the School of San Martino di Lupari (PD), our precious S.U.S. Bag were born,
which were chosen to be exhibited and sold in the space of the Fuori Salone di Rossana Orlandi in Milan.

The proceeds from the sale of the bags are donated entirely to the school, so that it can continue to develop sustainable projects.
The children, with the aim of promoting collaboration and constructive confrontation with other schools, have also created the blog: https://susbag.home.blog where they illustrate their work and share their ideas and their thoughts.

The blog allowed to develop a project of “migration of ideas” with Mozambique to begin to build a collaboration with other realities in the world and promote, at the same time, the sharing between peoples in facing a worldwide problem.

Gi.Ar Parrucchieri