Together with the WWF we fight against poaching.


Environmental Impact


All summer 2019 Davines Russia contributed to support “saiga antelope project”, in collaboration with WWF Russia. We believe in this project and for that, we will continue to give our help.

Saiga antelope, critically endangered, is a very ancient animal which lives in the Republic of Kalmykia and Astrakhan (Russia) and some areas of Kazakhstan only. Their horns are very expensive, that is why the animal is constantly illegally haunted by poachers and killed. In last 30 years their amount decreased from 200 thousand to only 5 thousand animals in total.

We want to save this beautiful authentic creature, that is why we sent 5% of Essential line sales to WWF Russia to sustain the cause. Together with WWF Russia we developed some bracelets, which each client could buy, getting in return travel products, as incentive for good deed. All proceeds from the sale of the wristbands have been donated to the WWF Russia.

Local reserve where animals live will buy special equipment for anti-poaching brigades, build observation tower and satellite station. These actions will help in preventing poaching.

More than 140 salons have participated, big part of hairdressers, end consumers participated and actively shared information via Instagram and social media.

We have decided to support the beauty, the beauty of nature, and we will continue to give our contribution also in 2020.

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