Save Sweden’s last ancient forests

As a B Corp company Kraft Group run a charity campaign each year in order to collect money for a good cause. This year, Naturarvet (the Natural Heritage Collection Foundation) is the partner and the money goes to protect Sweden’s last ancient forests forever and thus preserve biodiversity.


Environmental Impact


The campaign
In order to involve as many consumers as possible, we chose our best-selling line in Comfort Zone, Remedy (for sensitive skin) to be in focus. When buying a Remedy Serum + a Remedy Cream you simply donated 100 SEK to Naturarvet and the consumer also got a discount (package price for serum and cream during the campaign was 995 SEK instead of 1390 SEK) so no excuse not to buy!

How much forest will we save?
100 square meters of old forest is purchased for a price tag of 1 000 SEK and through our fundraising campaign, we hoped to save as many square meters of forest as possible. End September 2019 we donated 10 200 SEK. We plan to proceed with this campaign next year too.

More about Naturarvet
The organization is for anyone who wants to make a concrete effort to preserve old protected forests in Sweden. It is a no-profit-making organization that guarantees that collected funds are not burdened with unreasonable costs (at least 75% is used for the purpose). The foundation’s structure and statutes guarantee that forests purchased by the foundation are protected for all future. In addition to biodiversity, values created through the activities of Naturarvet include a favorable climate through large existing warehouses and continued storage of coal in the forest land, which is left untouched and thus does not release carbon into the atmosphere. Protecting woodland is one of the most effective ways you can help reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and slow down climate change. Read more at

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