Stop Sex Trafficking through teaching Hair

It is estimated that 12,000 girls between ages 6 to 16 are trafficked each year from Nepal to India. By teaching skills, such as hair styling, empowering young Nepali women rescued from trafficking will give them the opportunity to earn a living wage.


Social Impact


In 2018 I travelled to Nepal on an exploratory trip. I wanted to learn and understand how I could contribute to the efforts in helping those rescued from trafficking. I began to learn about what was going on in the country.

It was on my first trip I found the Freedom to Fly initiative, where they empower young Nepali girls to give them an avoidable path away from sex trafficking through employable skills. When returning to Canada I had to make a choice. I could sit back and do nothing and become disheartened by believing that this is too big of an issue for someone to help solve, or I could come home and leverage my connections to spark change. I knew I had a voice. I decided to act and returned to Nepal in March of 2019. They had been looking for someone to lead the hair styling, and I knew I was their person.

The initial salon students will work in is both the training centre as well as the actual salon— some staying to remain teachers and some working in the salon. The profits from the salon will first pay the stylists, and second, go back into the organization. The money made in Nepal will stay in the country to help fund the education of future stylists, rescues, and maintenance of the Nepali House centre.

I’ve been a hairstylist for over 20 years and my current mission is to empower young Nepali girls, give them a career path to a happy future through my love of hair, inspire change and create a movement, and prevent more stories of children being exploited.

(**Since I travelled in 2018 the organization has changed its name from Apple of God’s eye to Nepali House)


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