Our first tree planting in Cyprus that took place in Arakapas Village. That was our first involvement as Davines Cyprus to the Sustainable Beauty Day cause.



We started by supplying our clients (Salons) with 12 Definition Mist free of charge. The Salon’s customers could get the Definition Mist by donating a small amount of money towards our cause. We let this run for 4 days in the Salons and we collected 1,000 euro.

The Salons owners liked the idea and they got realy involved with us. A lot of our clients arrived with their families to the place that was assigned to us by the authorities, to help plant the trees and spend the day out in the open.

With the collected money we managed on the November 12, 2017 to plant 150 trees in Arakapas Village in Cyprus.
Everybody who participated in our project was very pleased to had the opportunity to contribute and give something good back to the environment and the country they live in.

I personally would like to thank “Davines” for the opportunity that was given to me to get involve in a project and a cause which is bigger than me.

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