It is a project aimed at economic and social support for scientific medical research to treat Friedreich’s ataxia.


Social Impact


Who is Emma? Emma was a client of mine, known more than ten years ago. Today Emma has become much more: a dear friend to whom I have become attached by listening to her story. She touched my heart remembering how life is a wonderful gift and with strength and courage we are all capable of great things, even those who have been less fortunate. Over the years in my stylistic manifestations, and not, I have always tried to insert a small part for her, to be able to help her. Take care of me … It is a very important support project in support of medical research to treat Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare disease that affects the nervous system, causing great discomfort at the motor and even psychological level.
The project started on April 15, 2019, and will end on December 31, 2019. Its realization takes place with the donation of a part of the proceeds that are spent by customers at the Marcoparrucchieri Hall. It will be donated to the Association “EVERY DAY FOR EMMA”. To succeed in defeating the disease, an integrated action with two objectives is important:
• The first is the awareness of the public opinion: to make known to the customers of the salon a problem that still today can affect anyone. Many people are healthy carriers and don’t know they are. Therefore, prevention is essential. In turn, customers, often friends, will spread this important message.
• The second goal is to help with a simple common action: making oneself beautiful. The external beauty is often a mirror of the inner one and in the comfort of a salon, it is possible to create a feeling of empathy. My dear Emma and all my clients feel good when they are cared for. The positivity that emanates the gesture of making oneself beautiful, generates a propensity to be interested in less fortunate people. From simplicity flourish great things and from everyday gestures how to arrange your hair you are close to your appearance: how then do you not think “and if it happened to me? Or to my daughter? ”

The association, by virtue of the fact that it is a rare disease, needs a lot of economic resources for research and studies. The project is aimed at raising funds to help the association, as well as the psychological support in which we put heart and soul.

Marco Parrucchieri