three Davines salons joined together to save the bees


Environmental Impact


This project stems from the desire to raise awareness among our customers about a problem that is becoming increasingly serious every day: bee mortality. What is happening in fact, not only threatens the existence of these small living beings, but also puts at risk our own life and that of the entire planet.
From years i use to adopt hives from a small beekeeper (“Canais a la mil”) in Friulia Venezia Giulia, which produces certified organic honey, and I have always wanted to be able to give more concrete help to this precious reality.

After meeting some colleagues from other regions at Davines SBP meetings, I decided to involve them to a joint project to protect bees.
So also the salon in San Bonifacio “Arte Capelli”, and “l’Aurora” Levico Terme have begun to adopt hives in the small company “Canais a la mil”.
But that’s not all, together we have created an event in our salons to involve and raise awareness among customers to the problem of the bee mortality. Between December 2018 and January 2019, all the staff of the reciprocal salons have toured the Triveneto region organizing themed events using the organic honey combined with Davines products to offer beauty and nutrition services to customers.

The response of customers and the enthusiasm of all exceeded our expectations!
the revenues from these events have enabled us to adopt 24 hives, while our customers have contributed financially by helping the beekeeper to manage today almost 200 families of bees.

This year we will continue to support this small organic beekeeper with other events and to rise awarness and sensibility among our clients.

Sara Tognon
Fora de Suca hairdresser