Transform Burien Haircuts

One day i started to feel the need to take care of my community and find my role in it. So i asked to some homeless at a bus stop what they needed. They said a warm place, food and a place where cops don’t bother them. They told me about Transform Burien. So I went there.


Social Impact


Once a month I go to cut hair for homeless, elderly, mentally and physically disabled, addicted individuals and families with kids who otherwise could not afford a haircut. Sometimes I have 1 to 2 other stylists with me but mainly it’s me. We go once a month for 2 to 2.5 hours to cut hair for as many people as possible.

Our purpose is to make sure people at Transform Burien, a food and clothing bank, know that they are loved and they matter. We usually arrive on a Sunday from 3 to 5, sometimes 5:30. We set up a table and two chairs with our tools (if I’m accompanied by someone else). I love going there because they are so thankful and appreciative in a way that my clients that pay me, are not. They have come to trust me and when I see them say, “Hey it’s the haircut lady!”

Helping others- helps everyone, because everyone is touched by love during a service. We all come out better in the end because we’re helping them look better. It matters because for that small amount of time, their self esteem is lifted by something seemingly so insignificant. A good haircut matters to everyone.

As long as I live here I will help this organization because it is my duty to help others as a human being. To make a difference whenever and wherever I can. We as a family, were poor once, needed assistance and each one of us is just a misstep away from poverty ourselves. The people that attend Transform Burien have become their own community, like a family, and what I/we do is a very small part of that. However, a very important piece that not everyone will do because they don’t have time, won’t find the time, don’t want to work for free or think it’s beneath them.

I enjoy Transform Burien  very much, in fact this weekend is my weekend to cut hair. It’s like I’m a rock star when I’m there and that makes me feel good too. Hugs all around.

Lawtiwa Barbersalon