“Un OrTo per TuTTI” (a vegetable garden for everyone)

In a small part of a public park, an urban garden has been created.


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


The experimental project aims to encourage the use of abandoned green areas in the city in order to requalify them by creating recreational spaces and meeting places.
“Un OrTo per TuTTI” is a space that the community take possession to embellish the neighborhood, to defend the life of our cities, form social ties, to teach children how to produce food.
In the Garden for All only natural products are allowed, it is forbidden to use chemicals or similar and polluting. The garden is natural and organic, it is not important that it is beautiful but that the products are healthy and untreated.
Thanks to the help of the Association of Graduates in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of Piacenza, agronomists and agricultural experts have made themselves available to collaborate in the project, giving technical guidance for the best success of crops.
The project has been created thanks to the help and support of social cooperatives, cultural associations, nurseries and private companies, district operators and in particular by MariaPia Acconciature, the first sponsor who has joined the project with enthusiasm and funding that have allowed to make improvements to the structure and buy tools needed for work in the garden.

Maria Pia Pinotti – MariaPia Acconciature