Wave of Change

Using business as a force for good, to take care of the Ocean.


Environmental Impact


The Nordic Ocean Watch is a collective, born thanks to the commitment of a group of guys, passionate about surfing, deeply connected, and in love with the Nordic Ocean.
Over 200 volunteers are working hard to take care of and raise awareness about marine pollution in the nordic countries –and beyond!
They are full of ideas and very active in organizing different initiatives ranging from cleanups, lectures, art, and events…
We decided to collaborate with them and support their work, and we did it by launching a campaign that aims to involve all Davines salons and end clients to protect the ocean from plastic pollution. Altogether we will organize activities to clean the environment from trash. Any park, any river, any street.. all the waste at the end goes to the ocean.
In addition, we decided to create a commercial campaign to rise funds in support of the Nordic Ocean Watch: for every Essential Shampoo & Conditioner sold 1 € will be donated to Nordic Ocean Watch to clean the Danish coast areas from plastic.


Altri progetti

We fight against the extinction of our iconic South African rhinos, through a donation.


For every Davines duo pack sold, we will donate $2 to the Australian Koala Foundation for a reforestation...


A hiking competition between salons to rise their sensitivity and rispect for nature, making them discover the beauty...