With #yestotruecolours project we aim to create a sustainable community of hairdressers, beauticians and their clients who believe in having an active role in making our community more open, inclusive and accepting of each others differences.



For the third edition of I Sustain Beauty in the Netherlands we decided to form a platform #yestotruecolours that collects different projects, ideas and initiatives that have as a main scope to cherish and protect personal freedom and the individual right to be/ feel different. With this platform, we want to sensitize many diverse issues that evolve around social aspects of beauty, as we do believe that beauty comes in all shapes and forms, and thus create a space, a community of acceptance, inclusion and support.

This year we start by organizing the #yestotruecolours days dedicated to all transgender individuals going through their transition. Even if Netherlands is known for being a country of permissiveness and tolerance, these two do not always translate into inclusiveness and acceptance. With our #yestotruecolours project, we hope to expand the understanding of sustainable beauty to our clients by inviting them to be more inclusive and to explore different versions, shapes and forms of beauty.

How will we realise that?
From now until January 27th 2018, all transgender individuals in The Netherlands are invited to visit: www.yestotruecolours.com, on which they can find all the salons that are participating in the #yestotruecolours initiative and simply pick the one closest to them. They contact the salon and book the appointment for the true colours treatment in the #yestotruecolours week, from January 22nd until January 27th 2018. Over 70 of Davines & Comfort Zone salons are opening their doors and offering complimentary professional advice and service to all individuals going trough transition, making that first hard step slightly easier.

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